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Translation services

La Tarara offers professional business, scientific and technical text translation services.

Today, many translation services rely on machine translation, which is then reviewed and edited by a language editor. However, machine translation can often be unreliable. For example, many texts contain metaphors, rhetoric, etc. that automated translation tools may not be able to identify as such. This can lead to the loss of critical information in translation, or even serious mistranslations.

La Tarara does not use machine translation – the work is performed entirely by people with the appropriate qualifications. Your texts will be handled solely by specialists who have received the appropriate training and have the necessary experience. Our translators are native speakers of Spanish and English. They have lived in both Spain and Estonia long enough to obtain a thorough understanding of the unique nuances of the respective languages and cultures, which is where machine translation often falls short. The extensive language practice our translators have received in the different cultural spaces ensures that your translations are always natural and of high quality.

In our translation services, we strive first and foremost for customer satisfaction and problem-free, friendly cooperation.


We offer translations in the following language pairs:

  • Spanish-English / English-Spanish
  • English-Estonian / Estonian-English
  • Spanish-Estonian / Estonian-Spanish

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