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Text editing

Text editing, proofreading and localisation

Writing and translation are almost never error-free activities, which is why post-processing is an important part of any text preparation process. Editing, proofreading and localisation involve ensuring adherence to grammar rules, correcting typographical errors, checking that the text is logically structured, stylistically consistent and easy to read as well as free of ambiguities and natural-sounding to the intended reader. If your text needs to be flawless, it is a good idea to have it reviewed by an external professional specialised in finding and correcting errors.


Proofreading consists of checking for and correcting all linguistic, typographical and printing errors in the text as well as making sure that the text adheres to all accepted rules of grammar. Proofreading does not involve checking for factual errors or making substantive or stylistic corrections to improve the readability and comprehensibility of the text.


Text editing involves making corrections to improve the structural logic of the text and to eliminate any ambiguities. It also includes checking for factual and substantial errors and improving the readability of the text. Where necessary, the editor will rephrase sentences or improve word choice. In addition, the editor will check for logical and grammatical errors as well as for proper use of terminology, and ensure that the message of the original text is conveyed accurately in the translation.



Localisation consists of adapting the text to the reader’s cultural space, traditions and legal context so that the text would appear to have been originally prepared in the reader’s native language. Achieving this requires a deep knowledge of the cultural spaces of both the source and target language. For example, translating the Estonian expression “Kops läheb üle maksa” literally into English would yield “The lung goes across the liver”, which would likely neither sound natural to any English speaker nor be properly understood. Localisation involves, among other things, finding a suitable equivalent in the target language in precisely such situations, so that what is said would be understood correctly, while also reflecting the way in which certain ideas or concepts are expressed in the target culture.

La Tarara offers proofreading, stylistic correction and localisation services for Spanish business communication and website texts as well as ad copies and other texts. The most appropriate service for your text depends on the source text as well as the purpose of the final text. Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your needs. 


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