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Regular Spanish language course

Regular Spanish language course

Our regular Spanish language course is specially designed for groups of 8–12 people. Limiting the group size to a maximum of 12 students ensures our teachers are able to provide adequate personal attention to each and every student.

Each language proficiency sublevel is acquired through 30 academic hours of study.
1 academic hour = 45 minutes.
One lesson generally lasts for 2–4 academic hours.

The courses are taught in Spanish, although other languages may also be used as auxiliary languages – primarily English.

Our lessons are structured on the basis of the so-called communicative language teaching approach, which means that students acquire communication proficiency for their everyday interactions. The courses are intended to develop all of the students’ language subskills equally, including reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

In our language lessons, our aim is to find the right balance between grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation as well as everyday conversation, games and other activities. We also strive to foster and develop an interest in our students towards the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

The price for each individual language level is €285.00 (VAT included).
For all students continuing their language studies with us, the price for every subsequent language level after the first one is: €265.00 (VAT included).
Payment is required before the start of each new language level.
We accept payments from both private persons and businesses (our language school is a VAT payer).

For more information on language learning levels, see here!

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