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José Inestal Hernández

Phone: +372 5606 3601
E-mail: jose@hispaaniaklubi.ee

It is our pleasure to introduce José – a language teacher as well as the principal at La Tarara language school. José is the heart and soul of the La Tarara Spanish club. He was born in the town of Murcia in south-eastern Spain, where the winters are mild and the summers are hot.

José started his university days as a student of philosophy, but soon found himself drawn more to language philosophy, rhetoric and semiotics. Guided by a deep interest towards languages, he decided to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for which he enrolled in the Calmo & Cran academy. After finishing his teacher training courses, José worked as a Spanish language teacher at various private schools in Madrid.

In 2012, José arrived in Estonia. He came here to teach Spanish at the Viljandi Culture Academy, where he worked for two years. After a delightful time in the small and lovely central Estonian town, José moved to Tallinn to work at the Hispaania Maja language school, where he taught Spanish for a little over three years.

During his time in Estonia, José has visited nearly every little corner of the country, which has taught him a lot about the uniqueness and peculiarities of Estonian culture: Estonians’ love of music, especially singing, its quiet forests and natural woods. He knows from experience that while Estonians may initially seem distant and reserved, they eventually open up to become warm-hearted, close and trusted friends – you just need to take the time to get to know them.

Teaching is not just a job for José – it is his passion. And it is precisely the reason why he decided to open his own language school. La Tarara is a language school that offers instruction not only in language but also in the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world, starting from Spanish music, art and cuisine to what is most essential to the culture – the joy of life of the Spanish people. First and foremost, José wanted to create a place where everyone would feel at home – a Spanish home. That is why La Tarara is not just a language school, but also a Spanish club, whose doors are always open to all guests.

José loves reading novels and comic books. He enjoys lively debates on politics and sociology. And he is also a big fan of films and TV series. Some also say that he enjoys singing karaoke, but that is just a rumour. Walking around town, you may often find José cycling, rollerblading, playing basketball or hanging from a climbing wall. More than anything, however, José loves having a good conversation with friends and sharing impressions, jokes and experiences. José also enjoys cooking – after moving to Estonia, he picked up bread-making as a hobby: “Stress-relieving, healthy and delicious, I highly recommend it to everyone. We will definitely learn how to make an authentic Spanish pan,” José assures us with enthusiasm.

And finally, another open secret: José can never say no to bananas.


Albert Calles Gallofré
Spanish teacher

Phone: +372 5674 7945
E-mail: albert@hispaaniaklubi.ee

Albert is a teacher at La Tarara language school and a great explorer at heart. He was born in Barcelona and developed an interest in languages at a very early age – ancient languages, cultures and the rich histories of various lands in particular.

Albert’s fascination with different cultures and languages led him to study the Arabic and Hebrew languages at the University of Barcelona. After several years of exploring Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic and travelling in the home regions of these languages, he decided it was time for a change and set out to find new challenges to expand his knowledge. Thus, he completed his Master’s studies at Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, Spain in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. This allowed him to combine his two great loves in life: travelling and studying languages.

In his younger days, Albert was a big dreamer. He sought to learn everything he could about the world by constantly exploring new countries. By “fleeing” from the sometimes unbearably hot climate of Spain in this way, he has had the chance to live in several widely different countries: Russia, Israel, Finland, Lithuania. He brought with him the pastel tones of the streets of St. Petersburg during white nights, the nightly shimmering starlight and morning sunrises that paint the sky of the Negev Desert, memories of long walks on the banks of Helsinki and impressions of the baroque streets of Vilnius. All these wonderful experiences and stirring memories have left an indelible mark on his soul.

Albert is a big fan of cinema and literature. He is waiting excitedly for the chance to teach you about the classics of El Siglo de Oro – everything from art and literature to culture in general. Albert speaks both Galician and Catalan, which allows him to offer students different perspectives on the various regions of Spain with their unique traditions, culture and languages.

Albert is also hopelessly in love with the Baltics. He feels at home here both when walking the streets of Tallinn on cold snowy winter days as well as when relaxing at open-air cafés on the long white summer nights of Estonia.

Tallinn has always been a dream destination for Albert, and now, living here, that dream has come true.

It is Albert’s sincerest hope that his students enjoy his classes as much he enjoys teaching them.


Sabela Fouce Cousido
Spanish teacher

Sabela is from north-western Spain, from a charming Galician coastal town of 250,000 inhabitants named A Coruña.

For as long as Sabela can remember, she has always loved languages and exploring differences in culture, which is the reason why she decided to study to become a translator. During her studies, she managed to repeatedly gain experience through student exchanges in both Ireland and in France, where she continued to study in Lyon as an Erasmus scholarship recipient. After her graduation, she accepted a new challenge and started working as a simultaneous interpreter in England. It was in misty Albion where Sabela found her true calling, teaching Spanish and Spanish culture to people of other nationalities.

In 2014, in the course of a new adventure, Sabela arrived in Tallinn, where she started working as a Spanish teacher thanks to being granted a Centro Picasso scholarship. The once distant land called Estonia gradually became her beloved home. Sabela passionately enjoys every lesson she conducts. Believe me, this can immediately be spotted even from a distance. The fact that so many people in Estonia want to study her native language and culture fills her days with joy and makes Sabela love her job so much.

In addition to listening to music and dancing Sabela likes to travel. She had the luck and opportunity to visit a lot of the major destinations and also the hidden corners of Estonia – from scenic towns such as Haapsalu, Viljandi and Tartu to the distinctive marshes and bogs. She likes to visit nature reserves or drive her car across the sea using ice roads. It’s no surprise that Sabela feels at home in Estonia, as Estonia is just as green as her homeland Galicia.

Sabela enjoys hiking and taking walks, especially during long white summer nights. Indeed, what could be more beautiful than an infinite sunset show by the sea? During long, dark and cold winter months, however, Sabela entertains herself by watching films, playing board games and chatting with friends in some cozy, peaceful and warm “nest”.

Sabela hopes that her new students at the La Tarara Spanish club and language school will help her to further get to know our beautiful Estonia, our culture and our friendly people.