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What is “La Tarara”?

La Tarara conveys a number of positive messages. It is an old Spanish children’s song sung by boys and girls while dancing in a circle. The text is derived from the works of Andalusian poet Federico García Lorca. The famous singer Camarón de la Isla composed a flamenco version of the song as a tribute to the poet.

La Tarara tells a captivating story about a free-spirited girl absorbed in joyous singing and dancing. The people around her relax after a day of work. They are eating, talking and laughing. The girl’s joy is infectious to everyone. Ta-ra, ta-ra-ra, tram-pam-pa!

Our goal is to give “La Tarara” one additional meaning. La Tarara is a language school that teaches Spanish using what is known as the communicative approach. Our language lessons are based on the practical needs of the students to help them successfully navigate everyday interactions when travelling, working or even reading the poems of Lorca.

In addition to that, La Tarara has, as a core principle, an aim to show to its students what it is that ties people together in a culturally diverse world, where countless different languages are spoken. It is the desire to meet under one roof in order to converse, tell stories and share one’s experiences and love of life with others. Our language school welcomes all good people with Spanish hospitality, both old friends as well as newcomers.

La Tarara is a Spanish club and language school located in Tallinn, offering Spanish lessons to all enthusiasts of Spanish and Latin American culture. Students are also given the chance to practice their speaking skills in special conversation classes and at leisure events. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers. From topics such as literature, history, art and music to Spanish cuisine – La Tarara is a place where there is always something to talk about and each day starts and ends with a laugh and a smile.

Services: Spanish language courses for students of all skill levels; private Spanish lessons at our school or your office; Spanish conversation classes; translation; text editing, proofreading and localisation; leisure activities and much more besides.

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