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Spanish – a path to gastronomic experiences and regional cuisines!

Spanish – discover dance, art and unparalleled emotions!

Spanish – an adventure through different cultures and nations!

Spanish language courses

Our Spanish language courses are taught in groups of 8–12 students, which ensures that every student receives all the necessary personal attention from the teacher.

We also offer private lessons to students with specialised language needs (e.g., business or science language or language skills for travel).

Come and attend our culture and conversation courses, where you can expand your knowledge about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, while focusing on practicing your speaking skills.

Text editing and proofreading

To help ensure that your published texts are grammatically correct, stylistically accurate and natural, we offer Spanish text proofreading, editing, stylistic correction and localisation services. From business communication and website texts to ad copies and other texts – La Tarara can help you achieve that finishing touch.


About the Spanish club

La Tarara is a Spanish club and language school located in Tallinn, offering Spanish lessons to all enthusiasts of Spanish and Latin American culture. Students are also given the chance to practice their speaking skills in special conversation classes and at leisure events.

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers. From topics such as literature, history, art and music to Spanish cuisine – La Tarara is a place where there is always something to talk about and each day starts and ends with a laugh and a smile.